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Welcome to PlanetM: the epicenter for mobility

About iconMichigan has been the historic leader of transportation for over a century and has developed a thriving automotive industry.

The state is continuing that legacy with MEDC's PlanetM initiative, a partnership of mobility organizations, communities, educational institutions, research and development, and government agencies that are working together to develop and deploy mobility technologies driving the future.

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Facilitating industry connections

“PlanetM and MEDC have been a great resource for getting us to the right decision makers, which has accelerated our ability to grow and get customers.”

—Will Foss, Business Development & Partnerships, Derq Inc.

Available to any mobility-focused startup, company, or investor, PlanetM is also a no-cost, concierge service that connects you to Michigan’s automotive ecosystem — the people, places, and resources dedicated to the evolution of transportation mobility. Michigan is home to an extensive ecosystem of automotive headquarters, manufacturers and suppliers, and R&D facilities that make it the perfect environment for mobility-focused companies to grow.

Our goal at PlanetM is to connect Michigan's assets with new and growing tech companies, startups, pilot programs, investors, accelerators and others looking to further expand the industry through innovative advancements that will define the future of transportation. To learn more about PlanetM’s services, click here.

The future of next-generation mobility

The journey toward the future of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is accelerated through PlanetM by facilitating connections, helping the mobility industry grow at a faster rate. This moves us closer to a reality of enhanced mobility that can save thousands of lives lost per year due to auto accidents caused by human error. 

With world-class autonomous vehicle testing facilities, an innovative talent pipeline, and the heart of the global automotive industry, Michigan is truly where big ideas in mobility are born.

To learn more or to get involved with PlanetM, please contact us and a PlanetM team specialist will be in touch.

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