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The People of PlanetM: talented, innovative, and driving the future of mobility

People iconMichigan is home to nationally ranked colleges and universities, a diverse talent pipeline, and an innovative workforce for thinkers, makers, and doers. At PlanetM, Michigan's vast talent is brought together and works to advance the future of the mobility industry. Below are a few examples of the people who make up PlanetM:


Michigan has the highest concentration of electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineers at nearly 123,000 total statewide. The state also ranks first for its intensity of engineers and its engineering growth over the past five years.


Michigan’s startup ecosystem is among the fastest growing in the country with an influx of high-tech companies, jobs, and investment activity. Many successful and award-winning startups were started or moved to Michigan, including SPLT and PolySync


PlanetM is partnered with Warren, Michigan-based United States Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC) which tests autonomous and connected vehicle (CAV) technology on Michigan roads and is the United States Armed Forces' research and development facility for advanced technology in ground systems.

Academic Institutions

Michigan is home to nationally ranked universities and colleges that offer degrees specializing in cybersecurity, infrastructure, computer, mechanical, and automotive engineering, and more. Institutions, like Michigan Technological University and University of Michigan, also have proving grounds and test tracks for research.


The talent that will continue to define the future mobility industry is already here in Michigan’s K-12 students. There are many STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) programs available to K-12 students across Michigan including FIRST Robotics and the Square One Education Network.

To learn more about the talent and workforce in Michigan, view our 360 video below. To see more of who is partnered and involved with PlanetM, visit our Partners page.