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Services portal to connect with Michigan's mobility ecosystem

Michigan leads the way with progressive autonomous vehicle legislation and strategic investments in vehicle testing sites and facilities. We recognize that mobility-focused companies need more support to grow, and through PlanetM, we can connect you to Michigan's vast mobility assets and resources: 

  • Client Matchmaking
  • Testing Site Access
  • MDOT Infrastructure Access
  • Soft Landing Zone Access
  • Site Location Assistance
  • Development Financing
  • Pilot Program Partners
  • Supplier Introductions
  • Investor Introductions
  • Networking/Events
  • Public Relations Support

PlanetM landing zone logo

PlanetM Landing Zone for startups

In an effort to better attract and connect mobility-focused startups and disruptors to the state, PlanetM, the Detroit Regional Chamber, Ford Motor Company, and WeWork launched the PlanetM Landing Zone in Downtown Detroit. This unique space serves as a platform and physical entry point where startups with connected and automated transportation technologies can connect with Detroit’s automotive and economic development ecosystem. 

Since its opening in 2017, many members have joined the Landing Zone and have created a unique community of mobility startups in the heart of the transportation industry.  

Apply for space at the PlanetM Landing Zone here

Connecting mobility companies to testing resources

PlanetM has also begun connecting out-of-state companies to the CAV testing resources in Michigan. PlanetM can help make introductions and facilitate one on one meetings between clients.

Mobility investment tours

In order to create a larger and more diverse mobility industry network, PlanetM has developed a model that connects out-of-state and international investment interests to the Michigan mobility supply base through targeted introductions.  

Utilize these and other PlanetM services, contact us and a PlanetM team specialist will be in touch.